Sandra Calleros, DDS


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Sandra Calleros, D.D.S.

Dr. Calleros has been living out her vision of providing life enhancing dentistry to the South Bay communities of Los Angeles for 37 years! She is forever a Bruin, receiving her Doctor of Dental Surgery from UCLA! Her general dental practice incorporates the latest technology and least invasive techniques to support her patients at the highest standard. Over the years her curiosity has led her down various paths in dentistry, and she invests hundreds of hours each year in continuing education. She has been fortunate to learn from and team up with many of the leaders and change makers in the dental field. This includes the Breathe Institute, Spear Education, CDOCS (CEREC), and the International Dental Implant Association. She is a CDOCS Mentor, a Breathe Baby Affiliate, and has completed a mini residency at the Breathe Institute and also with Airway Focused Dentistry. While each path has impacted her in many ways she is most grateful for the path that led her to becoming a Breathe Baby Affiliate. There is nothing quite as rewarding as being a part of a team that helps babies thrive. With her specialty of Infant Tongue Tie, she feels immensely rewarded in helping Mamas and babies thrive. Her nurturing energy can be felt by each family and baby she cares for. She looks forward to continuing to make an impact on her patients from infancy and beyond by integrating dentistry with whole body health. Dr. Calleros has always had an exceptional talent for cosmetic dentistry. She has an array of techniques and she is the only certified Bioclear provider in her area.  This is an ultraconservative, little to no drill technique for creating beautiful veneers and removing spaces between teeth. Calleros Dental also is one of only two certified Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) providers in the Los Angeles.  Giving back to the community is important to Dr. Calleros. She continues to contribute to various organizations in different ways; providing dentistry, participating in walks and runs, and donating money. Family is important to Dr. Calleros. Away from the office, she enjoys spending time with family, especially her husband Trey, her daughter Annalisa, son Michael and daughter-in-law Izzy, and her grandsons Hudson (6 years old) and Jesse (1 year old). She enjoys many outdoor activities including trail riding her horse Moonie, tennis, pickleball, bike riding, hiking, beach tennis, and traveling.  Pictured below: Moonie and Hudson with Dr. Calleros.

Gracie Castillo, D.D.S.

Dr. Gracie Castillo is a passionate dentist based in Los Angeles, dedicated to promoting total body health through oral care. With 8 years of experience in dentistry, she specializes in educating patients on the importance of the face, mouth and smile as the gateway to overall well-being.
Dr. Castillo completed her undergraduate studies in Biological Sciences at the University of the Pacific before pursuing her dental education at Howard University. After earning her dental degree, she furthered her training through a residency program at UCLA, where she honed her skills and expertise in comprehensive dental care.
Emphatic and compassionate, Dr. Castillo strives to form lifelong relationships with her patients, understanding that trust and understanding are fundamental to effective healthcare. Beyond treating dental issues, she prioritizes her patients' comfort and well-being at every stage of their care.
A lifelong learner, Dr. Castillo continues to challenge herself, staying abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry to provide the highest quality care possible. She is committed to professional growth and development, always seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills. Dr. Castillo is a SPEAR dentist, a testament to her commitment to providing advanced and personalized dental care. She continually enhances her skills and knowledge through continuing education, particularly focusing on clear aligners and CEREC Same Day Crown technology.
Outside of work, Dr. Castillo takes proactive steps to maintain her own health and well-being. She enjoys activities such as pilates, walking and reading, prioritizing regular exercise as part of her balanced lifestyle. Dr. Castillo values a healthy work-life balance, understanding the importance of personal wellness in providing excellent patient care.
Feel free to contact Dr. Gracie Castillo on social media platform Instagram where she highlights her team and the technology that is available to her patients (dr.graciecastillo) or via email ( to discuss opportunities or to schedule an appointment.

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