Sandra Calleros, DDS


Our Team Approach

Dr. Sandra Calleros feels that post-revision care is important to the success of the revision. Essentially, the baby must learn how to use his or her tongue in a new way. Some babies need no help at all and immediately breastfeed post-procedure, while other babies may need help by additional professionals.

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) can help improve latch, provide suck strengthening exercises and develop a feeding plan to address issues of latch, nipple healing, and low milk supply.
A speech or developmental feeding therapist can help babies learn to use their tongues for more effective eating and speech.
A craniosacral therapist or chiropractor can help babies to release tight muscles that have compensated for a tight frenulum or improper suck.


Photo above is of Stephanie Estrada, myofunctional therapist and RDH and Dr. Calleros.  Content Credit: The Breathe Institute & Dr. Chelsea Pinto

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