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Straightening Teeth With Invisible Braces in El Segundo

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We know from experience just how much of a difference a straighter smile can make in your life. We also know adult patients and teens may hesitate to pursue traditional braces. That's why we offer efficient and discreet invisible braces options so you can experience a radiant, confident smile.

Our team at Calleros Dental, led by Dr. Sandra Calleros and Dr. Gracie Castillo, is passionate about the aesthetic and health improvements orthodontic treatments can make for you and your loved ones. Since 1987, our practice has been transforming smiles with a blend of high-tech, modern dental care and a warm, welcoming office environment. We're proud to provide invisible braces to El Segundo residents in the Redondo and Manhattan Beach neighborhoods and beyond. Our team looks forward to meeting you and learning how we can help you achieve the smile you've always wanted. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment for invisible braces in El Segundo.


What Are Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces options, like Invisalign® treatments, have been around for many years, and while they're a well-regarded orthodontic option with a proven track record of success, they are still a relative newcomer to the field. This revolutionary approach to teeth straightening uses a series of transparent, custom-fitted aligners, which are worn in succession over the treatment period. These aligners are designed to gently shift your teeth into their desired position.

Clear aligners are comfortable, effective, and low-profile, perfect for people who want assistance with mild to moderate misalignment issues. The treatment typically takes 6-18 months, depending on your specific needs. It requires wearing the aligners for about 22 hours a day, but the clear, removable nature of clear braces like Invisalign aligners means they fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Clear Aligners: An Ideal Orthodontic Solution for Teens and Adults

Whether you're looking to correct crooked teeth, close gaps, or address bite issues, the versatility of Invisalign and other invisible braces treatment options makes them highly desirable for patients. They're also a great choice because Invisalign and other clear braces options allow for dietary freedom since they're simple to remove before eating. Invisible braces provide discreet treatment options that often solve your issues quickly so you can continue living life to the fullest.

While clear aligners are an excellent and convenient option, their removability means you or your child is responsible for following the treatment requirements. For this reason, our dentist generally recommends this treatment for responsible teens and adults.

Our Tailored Invisible Braces Process in Manhattan Beach & Redondo Beach

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Every smile is unique, and so is our approach to providing clear braces options similar to Invisalign. Our treatment process starts with a detailed consultation where we'll talk to you about your misalignment issues and overall goals for your smile. Once we determine clear aligners are right for your smile, we perform a detailed scanning process, capturing the precise contours of your smile. This allows our dental lab partner to create aligners that fit true to your smile, making for trays that fit snugly and comfortably.

Once your aligners are ready and we've ensured your first pair is comfortable, your treatment period will begin. During this time, you're not on your own. We're committed to guiding you through each step of your orthodontic journey, ensuring you feel supported and informed if you have any questions or concerns. Beyond being available by phone, we will schedule regular checkups as needed to make your path to your desired results smooth and successful.

2 Ways Straightening Teeth Impacts Overall Health

Our experienced dentists are dedicated to providing services that benefit your oral health and, by extension, your overall physical health. We often refer to this relationship between oral and overall health as the oral-systemic health connection, and our team always has this in mind when providing your care. Orthodontic corrections may seem like a purely aesthetic improvement at first glance, but a straighter smile can profoundly impact oral and physical health. Here are two ways that orthodontics can work to protect and improve your overall health.

  • Correcting Overlapping or Crowded Teeth: When teeth are too close or overlapping, the tight spaces make it difficult to brush and floss, leading to plaque and tartar buildup. This can result in tooth decay, which, in turn, can have negative effects on your overall health.
  • Improving Bite Pattern: By creating an optimal bite pattern where the arches of your teeth on top and bottom are aligned and fit together comfortably, chewing food becomes easier and more effective. A proper bite pattern can help improve the longevity of your teeth, because proper bite pattern will minimize uneven wear on your teeth.

Your Skilled Invisible Braces Provider in El Segundo

At Calleros Dental, we are excited to help you on your way to a straighter, healthier smile with invisible braces. Our team's extensive experience, combined with our commitment to personalized care, means we're passionate about making your treatment experience positive. If you're struggling with mild to moderate misalignment issues, we're your solution in El Segundo for invisible braces treatment. Contact us today to schedule your initial visit and experience the difference clear aligners can make in your life!


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