Sandra Calleros, DDS


Meet the Team

Stephanie Estrada

Registered Dental Hygienist

“I couldn’t imagine working with anybody other than Dr. Calleros. She truly is an exceptional dentist and person whose ethics, integrity, and dentistry are a reflection of this. She is my mentor and I look forward to the many years to come that we will work together to help our patients obtain healthy smiles.”

Stephanie has been working along side of Dr. Calleros for 14 years! She and
Dr. Calleros have a great partnership, which has allowed her to wear many
hats at Calleros Dental and given her the opportunity to expand her career
beyond clinical dental hygiene.

The combination of receiving her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from
SDSU, completing Dental Hygiene School at West LA, as well as, her
Nutritional Therapy and Myofunctional Therapy studies has shaped they way
she has educated and collaborated with patients over the years. She
believes the health of your mouth is a window into the health of your body.
Achieving optimal oral health is one aspect of overall health and wellness
and definitely goes far beyond brushing and flossing!

Currently she has a limited dental hygiene schedule and focuses more on
myofunctional therapy and assisting Dr. Calleros with treating infant
tongue and lip ties. She is enjoying these roles as she gets to help
babies, kids, and adults change the trajectory of their health and lives in
ways she could never imagine in the beginning of her career.

Her most important and favorite roles are being a wife to her husband,
Jason and a homeschooling mom to her three beautiful kids, Elijah, Nylah
Rose, and Jiyah Sol. Together they adventure around the world and enjoy
learning so much from their unforgettable experiences.

Lyndsay Malama

Registered Dental Hygienist

We are so grateful to have Lyndsay on our hygiene team. Our patients love her. She attended the West Los Angeles Dental Hygiene Program. With a passion to help others feel good about themselves, you will leave every appointment with a huge smile and full of encouragement! Lyndsay loves interacting with others and is always fun to be around.

Growing up in Arizona, she is a part of a lovely blended family, for which she is so grateful to have been raised with such love and support. She’s lucky to have married into a great family with amazing in-laws. She is now living in the El Segundo area with her beautiful wife Janelle and son Jett. Jett James is now two years old and is a vibrant boy who is always on the move and loves laughing and playing outside.

Being near her friends, socializing, and eating sushi are a great source of enjoyment for Lyndsay. She also loves sports, hiking, animals, and sitting at the beach. Her greatest accomplishment in life is her wife and son.

Marissa Heredia

Registered Dental Hygienist

"Working at Calleros Dental has allowed me to grow as a professional while connecting with my fellow El Segundo residents. It is the best of both worlds." 

Dr. Calleros met Marissa through a longtime friend and is thrilled to have on the Calleros Dental Team.  She was introduced to the dental field by her dentist at a young age and instantly knew she wanted a career in dentistry. While attending California State University Dominguez Hills, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Anthropology, she began her dental career. With over 20 years of continued dental experience, which includes working at the UCLA School of Dentistry where she was awarded employee of the year in 2010, she decided to take her career to the next level and pursue dental hygiene.  This lead her to the West Los Angeles College Dental Hygiene Program, where she furthered developed her leadership skills as class President for two years. Finally achieving her goal of becoming a dental hygienist, she looks forward to many more years of providing the highest standard of care to each patient. She is also an active member of the American Dental Hygiene Association. In the future she plans to work towards her Masters in Dental Hygiene and become a dental hygiene instructor.

Near and dear to her heart is her family. She has been married to Ron (R.C.), her biggest supporter, for 20 years. Together they have two children, Mateo and Gabriella. Being long-time residents of El Segundo, her family is very involved in the community and schools. 

Wanting to give back to the community they are from, she and her husband have been running a non-profit organization called the Inland Empire Future Leaders, for past 20 years. Her dedication to this educational leadership program enables her to serve 150 high school-aged students and 75 staff members where she engages a diverse staff and plans and implements student and parent workshops focused on cultural awareness and educational success.

Marissa looks forward to spending quality time with her kids, riding her Peleton and walking her dog, Paris to the beach.

Jackie Zago

Registered Dental Assistant

Jackie came to us from a highly respected referral source at Patterson
Dental. We are excited to have Jackie on our team for over nine years now, as
she brings a lot of passion and a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Graduating from Bryman College in Los Angeles she became a Registered
Dental Assistant and worked in Beverly Hills for 17 years
before making the decision to find an office closer to her home.
Jackie has felt no regrets as she fit right in.  Look for Jackie to provide a warm and caring personality with a professional and experienced demeanor to help you feel completely comfortable at each visit.

Jackie prioritizes family and loves spending quality time with them. Her family
includes her wonderful husband of 23 years, Jorge, and her three beautiful
daughters Sophia, Isabella, and Daniella. A majority of the time she and
Daniella are cheering Sophia racing for UCI and Isabella's playing for the UCI Club Soccer team. Her favorite weekend past time is attending her family and friends'

Cindy De Leon

Office Manager

Cindy has been the perfect addition to our team.  With her infectious smile and over 20 years of dental experience you can be assured she will handle all your needs graciously.  She was born and raised in Hawthorne, Ca, attending Hawthorne High School and then went on to college at San Diego State University. Upon returning back to the South Bay, she married her high school sweetheart, Alberto.  12 years ago they were blessed with a miracle baby boy, Noah.  Becoming a mother has been one of the best things that has ever happened to her.

She moved to a new home a few years ago and she enjoys spending time with family there. She recently adopted a pup named Oreo and she and her family love him so much.   With a passion for make-up and hair, you know she will always show up looking her best and she has become our Calleros Dental fashion consultant too. She has a love for reading, gardening, and traveling as well. 

Gabrielle Martinez

Dental Assistant

Gabrielle Martinez grew up in Ogden, Utah. She came from an orthodontic background and worked for an orthodontist for two years as her first job out of high school. She fell in love with cosmetic dentistry while working for Dr. Calleros. She obtained her radiology permit by the Dental Board of California in Radiation Safety. She loves being a part of the Dr. Calleros team and especially loves seeing the effects of dentistry's life changing effects on patients.

She lives in Playa Vista with her partner Royce and their French bulldog, Hank. She loves living by the ​beach. Her favorite hobbies include traveling and dancing and she strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance between pleasure and working hard.

Tiffany Kindle

Patient Care Coordinator

Tiffany is the latest addition to our team. She developed a passion for smiles and just knew dentistry was the right fit for her. She attended Everest college and obtained her dental assisting certification and worked as an assistant for many years until migrating to the front office where her personality shines. Tiffany has been in the dental field for 13 years and considers herself well-rounded around the office. Tiffany has a large family and enjoys family gatherings, bartending, traveling and her two god-daughters (her Sunshines). Tiffany keeps herself busy and is overall a social butterfly. She's excited to have joined her dream team at Calleros Dental.

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